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  • 1 Introducing the SMF Discussion Board
  • 2 Installing SMF – Fantastico De Luxe
  • 3 Installing SMF – Manually
  • 4 Managing SMF - Administrative Backend
    • 4.1 Main
    • 4.2 Configuration
    • 4.3 Forum
    • 4.4 Members
    • 4.5 Maintenance
  • 5 Backup the SMF database

Introducing the SMF Discussion Board

Another Open-Source discussion board based on PHP and MySQL, SMF discussion board will help you create a community and provides you with powerful tools to manage your board easily and effectively.

Installing SMF – Fantastico De Luxe

  • Step 1: Login to your Admin cPanel
  • Step 2: Locate and click on the Fantastico De Luxe Icon
  • Step 3: Under the “Discussion Board” section, find and click on “SMF”
  • Step 4: In the right panel, select “New Installation”
  • Step 5: on page 1 of the installation process, you will be prompted for the installation directory. To have SMF installed on your website’s main page ( leave it blank else, insert the directory of your choice ( Fill out all the required information accordingly and click “Install SMF”.
  • Step 6: A summary of the installation details will be posted. Once read, click “Finish Installation”. You will also see the link to your freshly installed SMF discussion board.

Installing SMF – Manually

  • Step 1: Download the latest stable version of SMF discussion board from the official website, by browsing the download section.
  • Step 2: Uncompress the downloaded file to a specified directory on your desktop.
  • Step 3: Upload the extracted files (keeping the directories structure intact) to your web hosting account via FTP to a specified directory of your choice (e.g. /smf).
  • Step 4: Using your browser, go to the location of your newly uploaded files:
  • Step 5: Once you access the above address, the installation wizard will be launched. The first step will be for the basic settings:
Fill in the required fields such as the database username and password. Most of the settings parameters should be already set for you. Don’t change them unless you are sure they are wrong. Once done, click “Proceed”
  • Step 6: Next is the process of creating the administrator account that will have total control over the discussion board.
Step 7: Once the administrator account is created, there will only remain one step in the installation process which is deleting the “install.php” file for security reasons.
Reaching this point means that you have successfully installed the SMF discussion board. Enjoy...

Managing SMF - Administrative Backend

Managing SMF is all done from the administrative backend. There are five sections in the administrative backend and each section contains special subsections that enable you to control a certain option on your discussion board. The five sections are:


The main section contains some of the basic options that you can use in SMF including the news section where you can edit the news transmitted to your users. In addition to that, you can install new packages to use with SMF. Just click on “packages” and provide the location of a specific package.


The main configuration window for the SMF board. You can change the server settings along with the database parameters. Basic features, layout features and karma features can also be controlled from this section.

You may need to change the look of you board and that can be easily done from this section as it contains the “Themes Settings” option that enables you to customize the layout of your board.


The forum section has all the controls over you boards, categories, topics and posts on your site. Thus it is one of the important sections in the administrative backend.

You can create new boards and categories and classify them according to your needs.

Another nice option in SMF is the calendar where you can enable it or disable it accordingly. Also you have the option of setting it up and customizing some of its parameters.

Adding to the options available is the smileys and message icons, which will give more life to your visitors’ posts. You can add more smiley sets than the ones already available.

Attachments and Avatars have also a part where you can manage them. You can set how attachments can be uploaded and their permissions, along with the avatars too.


The members section enables you to manage all the registered members, there way of logging in, and even dividing them into groups for advanced management and even for private permissions like board moderation.


One of the important things when managing a discussion board is to keep it maintained and fully backed up. From this section, you can do all that, in addition to the ability of reading the log files.


Backup the SMF database

  • Step 1: Log in to the Administration Panel
  • Step 2: Locate the “Maintenance” Section
  • Step 3: Click on “Forum Maintenance”
  • Step 4: In the middle of the page, there is a section called: “Forum Maintenance - Backup Database”
  • Step 5: Select the proper options and click “download”
  • Step 6: Save the file to a safe place.


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